Daily Life Paintings

painting of a cup of coffee with yin-yang in the crema

Paintings from every day life.

This piece is part of a daily painting project I started in 2019. Every day, for more than 100 days, I painted my cup of coffee. Well, that was how it began.

After the first month, I permitted myself to include cups of tea, glasses of water or wine, etc. Some of these were small breakfast scenes incorporating my plate of biscuits, the jar of jam or perhaps a box of cereal.

Each small painting became a document of my daily routine or sometimes the exceptions to that routine if I was traveling or out for the afternoon.


“fleeting balance”

acrylic on paper, mounted on cradled wood panel
4 x 4 inches


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All work is signed and dated by the artist.

Painting will be sealed with Golden polymer varnish with UV protection prior to shipping.

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